Marble Countertop Selection

We have a large selection of handpicked marble countertops from the quarries in Italy.

There are many marble kitchen countertops to choose from. To see all available granite colors and patterns please stop by our
showroom located at 3291 Walden Ave, Depew, NY 14043.

Empire Custom Kitchen & Countertops as a wide variety of granite edges available to choose from that will compliment your new kitchen or bathroom countertops. Click Here to view all the countertop edges.

MARBLE countertops are well-made and structurally sound but are less forgiving than their granite or quartz counterparts. Marble is the most porous of the three and is especially sensitive to acidic liquids and potent chemical cleaners. For example, wine, vinegar, and other acidic food can stain and etch marble countertops if not wiped away quickly. A high-grade sealant is necessary to protect the surface but is often applied by manufacturers or installation specialists. Select marble countertops if you want a design with the most unique, unpredictable veining and natural modeling. Marble tends to darken slightly over time.

It is metamorphic and, it is recrystallized; that is, many marbles are formed by processes of recrystallization and/or metamorphism and have recrystallized textures that obscure most previous texture and depositional features. We at Empire Granite & Marble provide premium quality of Marble in Buffalo New York. For more details visit us or call us at 716.404.5000 now!

Colors and patterns of stone samples may not represent the actual slab in stock. Call for availability.