Cabinet Maintenance Custom Cabinet

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Cleaning your cabinets properly

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To clean your new custom cabinets, use these materials and techniques for the best result: cabinet maintenance, custom cabinets, best cabinets

1. First, use a Microfiber or soft cloth to remove any dust and or debris from your cabinets.

2. Mix together a small amount of light or mild soap with clean water.

3. Apply a reasonable amount of mixture to a soft cloth and or sponge. a. Do not apply heavy amounts to avoid free-standing water on cabinets.

4. Wipe and rub the cabinets doors and drawers with a cloth. (More effort may be required on grease and grime build up areas.)

5. Once completed, wipe cabinets with a dry soft cloth to ensure no water is settling or resting in seams or surfaces.

Cleaning Don’ts

cabinet maintenance, custom cabinets, best cabinets

Other products may be used on your cabinets, however, keep in mind the following: cabinet maintenance, custom cabinets, best cabinets

1. Do not use any harsh cleaning chemicals on cabinets. (This may overtime discolor or remove layers of the finish.)

2. Do not use any oil based cleaning products. (Oil based products will leave a layer of residue in the wood and or material. This residue prohibits the possibility of any future refinishing and or touch-ups.)

3. Do not use any abrasive sponges and or cloths while cleaning.


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